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Alcohol Abuse Treatment Beverly Hills

Alcohol Abuse Treatment Beverly Hills

90210 Recovery is a renowned facility for alcohol abuse treatment in Beverly Hills, offering the best medical detox, inpatient treatment, and aftercare programs. We focus on a variety of holistic therapies and practices to help our patients embrace sobriety in the long term.

Addiction to alcohol

Alcohol consumption will depress your central nervous system and slow down bodily functions and cognitive processes. While most people use it as a social tool to reduce their feelings of anxiety and discomfort, it can easily develop into an addictive pattern. Over time, the body begins to develop an increased tolerance to alcohol, which further fuels the addictive behavior.

If you find yourself drinking more frequently than intended, or you wish to quit drinking but are unable to do so, it is critical to seek help from a Beverly Hills CA rehab center fast. Leaving alcohol addiction unaddressed can lead to a compromised immune system, neurological impairment, and a variety of other menacing health issues and long-term illnesses.

Seeking professional help for alcohol addiction

Most people fail to see acknowledge their drinking problem until it's already too late. Alcohol abuse can take a serious toll on an individual's brain and body and can cause irreversible damage to certain body organs. Apart from the short term side-effects like trouble in breathing, headaches, blackouts, and nausea, individuals suffering from alcohol addiction also deal with long-term effects like depression, chronic pancreatitis, anxiety disorders, high blood pressure, etc.

Leaving alcohol abuse unaddressed can eventually cause financial strains, problems in relationships, and legal issues. Seeking professional help for alcohol abuse can help individuals overcome their old destructive behaviors and attain sustainable recovery. Most Beverly Hills alcohol use treatment centers provide medically assisted detox, which minimizes the intensity of the withdrawal symptoms and prepares the patients' mind and body for subsequent psychotherapeutic programs. At our Beverly Hills drug rehabilitation center, we train our recovering addicts on various life skills, breathing exercises, and equip them with other essential tools to ward off cravings, triggers, and temptations.

Treatment for alcoholism

At our facility for addiction and substance abuse treatment in Beverly Hills, the treatment begins with a comprehensive physical and mental health examination. Based on the results of the exam, we devise a customized treatment plan to help patients overcome withdrawal and regain their self-control. Our first step in rehab treatment involves administering a medical detox, which can take 5-10 days.

After detox, you will engage in several psychotherapy and behavioral sessions to treat the underlying cause of addiction and address the co-occurring mental health issues. We use a variety of holistic therapies like yoga, meditation, nutrition, counseling, etc., to help you attain a safe and sustainable recovery. Furthermore, our Beverly Hills alcohol use therapist also moderates group therapies and support group sessions to help you overcome addiction through continuous peer support.

Speak to our addiction treatment specialist at 844-462-8571 or visit our website to learn about our treatments and programs. 90210 Recovery is a leading facility for alcohol abuse treatment in Beverly Hills with evidence-based treatments and a highly qualified staff team.

Alcohol Abuse Treatment Beverly Hills
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